How to Reset Wifi Adapter? Enhance Your Wireless Network

Sometimes it may happen that your PC is not connecting to the internet, no matter how much you try and adjust the router. If you are sure that the internet speed is fine, then the issue may be with your wifi adapter. In such cases, it is always advisable to reset wireless adapter so that you can enjoy fast speeds without any issues.

But before you start resetting your wifi adapter, make sure to check if all the devices in that network can get online, or if you can load websites on a different browser other than your usual one. If no device can get online, and websites aren’t loading on any browser, your broadband may be down, or there may be an issue with the router. If you are using Internet Explorer, there may be a proxy server setup without your notice, which is not a problem related to the wifi adapter. It could also be a software or hardware issue in your system. To fix such issues, you should restart your system and check again. Another alternative is to check if your Windows is up to date. Go to Control Panel and ensure you have the latest version of Windows. If none of the above work for you, read on to find the solution.

How to Reset Wifi Adapter

How to Reset Wifi Adapter?

Here we take you through the two most tested-and-tried ways to reset wifi adapter near you. In one method we use windows explorer to manually reset the wireless adapter, while in the other method we use the command prompt to reset the wireless adapter. Both ways are equally effective, and it is purely your preference which method you wish to apply.

Method #1: Resetting Wireless Adapter Manually

Step 1-Open Control Panel.


Step 2-Go to Network and Internet, then select Network and Sharing Center.


Step 3-Once you’re in Network and Sharing Centre, look for the option called “Change Adapter Settings” on the left.


Step 4-In the new window that opens, select the option called “Wireless Network Connection”, which is actually the adapter. Right click on it and select “Disable”.


Step 5-After you disable, the icon goes from colorful to grey. Right click once more after a minute or two and select “Enable”. After enabling, the icon will go back from grey to colorful. Thus your wireless adapter was reset successfully.


For those using Windows 10, the reset process has been made much more simpler. Below you will see how to reset wireless adapter in Windows 10:

Step 1-Open the Settings icon from the Start Menu (or anywhere else)


Step 2-Select the option “Network and Internet” and once the new page loads select the option “Status” on the left.


Step 3-Scroll down until you see the option “Network reset”. Click on it and you will get a button that reads “Reset now”


Step 4-Click on the “Reset now” button to successfully reset your wireless adapter.


Method #2: Resetting Wireless Adapter from Command Prompt

In a system where you are the administrator you can also reset wifi adapter using the command prompt. The list of commands used to achieve this is stated below, in the order of most effective command first.

  1. Winsock

    Type “netsh windsock reset” into the CMD. Once successful, restart your PC.

  2. Firewall

    Type “netsh advfirewall reset”

  3. BranchCache

    Write “netsh branchcache reset”

  4. IPv4

    Enter the command “netsh int ip reset”

  5. IPv6

    Type “netsh int ipv6 reset”

Resetting your wifi adapter has definitely become a lot more easier now with this step-to-step guide! If you have found any more methods to solve this, we would love to know. Comment below!