How to Install USB WiFi Adapter Manually Without a CD

Do not have the CD to install your USB Wi-Fi adapter? Well, you don’t need one! You can manually install a wireless adapter whether it is Netgear n300, which is really famous, or Belkin wireless USB adapter, which is not doing too badly itself.

Here, we give you details on just how you should do that:

How to Install USB WiFi Adapter Manually Without a CD

How to Install a Wireless Adapter Manually If Your System Has Drivers

Microsoft OS has the drivers required to help you configure your wireless adapter and most devices such as Belkin and Netgear are plug and play. This means that it is very simple to configure and start using Wi-Fi on your Windows computer. You do not need to download anything additional. Let’s go through the steps here:

Step-1: Check if the drivers are updated. If not, you will have to update them by choosing to go to the Windows Device Manager.

Step-2: Once the drivers are ready, you can sit back as the wireless adapter configures itself.

Step-3: Wi-Fi 2 will become the secondary backup network where the new adapter will be installed. You can switch your preferences from the taskbar itself in case you want Wi-Fi 2 to be your primary network.

Step-4: If there’s no primary network installed already, the new adapter will become the primary network because the USB adapter is being read as the primary adapter by the computer.

How to Install a Wireless Adapter Manually with Ethernet Connection

For this method to work you must ensure that your Internet connection is working seamlessly.

1. Plug your computer to the router directly, using the Ethernet cable

2. Plug the adapter into the appropriate port

3. On your taskbar you will see a notification that the new device could not be installed correctly

4. Click on this notification and choose to change settings. Here you will see that the default setting does not allow Windows to automatically update drivers. Choose the right setting: “Install driver software from Windows Update if it is not found on my computer.”

5. Installation will begin. Once it is done, you can simply close the window

6. Now, click on the Network icon on your taskbar or system tray and you will be able to see all the networks that are available

7. Choose your personal network, enter the wireless key that you setup, and you are ready to start using it!

How to Install USB Wi-Fi Adapter Without CD Through Device Manager

Remember, this will work only if Windows updates are set to be downloaded automatically. If they are not, you might want to change that setting before moving to this one.

The pathway to this is as follows:

Start > Computer > Manage > Device Manager > Other Devices > Personal network/Device name > Update Driver Software > Updated Driver Software


Some of the best USB Wi-Fi adapters such as Netgear and Belkin come with instructions on how to install them without the use of CD. Merely following those instructions will also suffice.

We hope this article was helpful! If you have any insights, we would love to hear them.