How to Clean USB Port | Top Guide

If you are a computer freak just like us, you must have experienced issues related to USB. Sometimes, your port irritates you the most, especially when it’s urgent and you have very less time to transfer the files into/from the computer, and your USB port stops running. You feel like you are the only person on earth who has to tolerate such scenes! But no, that’s not true. (Of course, you know that!) Many people, including us as a team faced such issues in our life.

That is why, we have found out some easy and quick solutions about the same and today, we want to share those techniques with you all facing the same issues frequently.

How to Fix a Broken USB Port

Why do USB ports stop working?

Most of the time, the reason for not working is – dust, dirt, or debris. Whenever we do dusting, we don’t clean the ports each time. Or if you do not do dusting, then it is evident that your computer is catching dust every day, and so the ports. Such dirt gets together and makes a clot which is directly affected by the port operations.

If you do not clean the USB port regularly, such clots might become the reason of overheating. So, it is necessary to clean USB ports on a regular basis for the overall better performance of the computer.

How to clean USB port?

The whole process of cleaning the USB port is straightforward. You can complete this task with some home/daily commodities like wipes, ear buds, cotton swabs, a pinch of alcohol, etc. You just need to turn off your computer before starting the cleaning process for the better safety.

USB port cleaner methods

There are several methods of cleaning the USB port your PC. Some methods are rapid, and some require time and effort. It depends on the issue of the holes or the situation of the USB port. Small ports need time-to-time cleaning. In this article, we provide some easy and quick techniques of USB port cleaner. Check them out and try them without any doubts as they are completely safe.

Method 1: Cleaning by the Compressed Air

If the USB port only contains some dust particles and not any other sticky mess with it, then you can clean it with compressed air. You can buy the bottle of compressed air from any nearby hardware store. You just need to spray it into the port, and that’s it. Your work is done. It is quick and easy to do.

Cleaning Using Compressed Air

You can also take a more economical option. First of all, blow some air by your mouth and clean the primary particles. If the port contains dust balls or debris, then pull it out by your fingers or plucker. Then take one empty spray bottle, which can just blow some air when sprayed.

If you are afraid that these activities will transfer the dirt to the other components of the computer, then you are worrying unnecessarily. Most of the PC doesn’t allow USB ports to open them up into the case of equipment. Still, if you want to avoid the issue, then don’t blow the air from the exact front side of the port and aim the nozzle at the left or right angle, so that majority of the dirt can come outside by the air pressure and you can avoid the worse situation.

Method 2: Cleaning by the Alcohol

If you have isopropyl alcohol in your house, then you can use it to remove the stubborn or sticky dirt. You just need to use a small cotton pad and try to wipe the overall USB port. Here, we suggest you use the solution having the high percentage of alcohol like 70%, 90% or more as it is preferable and safe as it can evaporate quickly. Lower concentrations may take few more hours to dry the slot.

After cleaning, do not turn on the computer without checking the dryness of the USB port to avoid further issues. Alcohol may take few hours to dry completely. If you are in a hurry and want fast result, then you can speed up the process by using some clean piece of lint-free cloth. Here, keep in mind not to use another cotton swab or ear bud as they may leave their particles around the port.

These are our top 2 favorite methods to clean USB port quickly and effortlessly. We always use these methods for better results for using our Wifi adapters. Hope you can also find them useful to solve your port related issues. Try these techniques so that this top guide can become the ultimate solution as USB port cleaner.